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Plan & Design (Consulting)

Keeping a smoothly functioning IT setup is vital for the health of your business. But to evolve a setup that gives your business a quantum leap through improved productivity levels, better quality products in short time frames, and increased customer satisfaction, you need to chart out a roadmap for the IT Infrastructure that is built around the best practices followed in the industry. When IT processes, service levels, roles and responsibilities and metrics to quantify the returns have not been clearly spelt out, it is a disaster waiting to happen. i-Diagnosis can help you opt for the right combination of platforms and applications and assist you in designing, building, managing an always-available IT Infrastructure. i-Diagnosis helps you create a setup that is capable of handling change as businesses adapt to market environments by making your resources updated, by deploying a Concurrent Infrastructure.

i-Diagnosis has extensive experience in delivering high-quality IT Infrastructure services for all kinds of verticals and technology environments. Coupled with the best processes as defined by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the industry standard for IT management, the i-Diagnosis team can develop and maintain the IT backbone of your enterprise.

Technology Infrastructure 
Our Technology Consultants work along with our clients to understand the business requirement, challenges and applications to design a robust Concurrent Infrastructure (CI) to meet the needs of the business today with scalability of tomorrow.

ITIL Practice
i-Diagnosis with its pool of ITIL certified and experience professionals helps you design IT Services Management (ITSM) processes to form the governance to maximise the ROI on your IT Infrastructure and create a strong governance layer.

Build & Integrate (System Integration)

The biggest challenge for every enterprise is that they need to derive the maximum value from their Infrastructure choices and investments. The questions which the businesses have from the IT departments and CIOs:

How well do your network and other elements in the IT Infrastructure support your mission-critical operations? Which enterprise applications and tools your people use most each day? In the current business environment, it is the communication capabilities that keep your business connected to your customers, colleagues and suppliers. How will the enterprise manage the complexity of new technology as they move to a converged environment?

Ultimately how does one implement new Concurrent Infrastructure (CI), where servers, storage and networks can be virtualized, shared and dynamically allocated across workgroups, partners or customers, all based on the defined business needs and priorities. If you are looking for an expert partner who can help you maximize performance, cost efficiencies and availability, minimize risk and deliver a significant return on your Infrastructure investment - across the entire lifecycle of your network - it's time to talk to i-Diagnosis.

At i-Diagnosis, we assist you in the acquisition of all the elements of concurrent Infrastructure viz: 

Servers: Entry Level Intel based to multi processor UNIX based RISC Servers,

Workstations,Storage: NAS and SAN,Desktops and Laptops, Network and Security Elements i.e Routers, Switches, cabling Infrastructure, Anti-Virus, Firewalls, IDS and IPS, Spam filtering, Spy ware and Ad ware filtering Software licenses, Software licenses 

Deploy & Support

    • New technologies come in to help businesses get their processes right, increase productivity, and develop products and services quicker than before. However, challenges with the existing Infrastructure to deliver the requisite QoS levels may make the thought of introducing newer & better technologies look impossible. i-Diagnosis steps in and deploys new technologies with ease, so your IT personnel are not burdened with more.

      Installing new technologies and solutions come with a set of complex challenges of configuration, installation, especially for large enterprises. i-Diagnosis can handle this and get it right the first time. You can choose from a comprehensive suite of solutions for deploying servers, desktop and mobile devices, storage, networking, and software. With minimized downtime, i-Diagnosis helps you achieve high performance in no time at all.

Optimise & Improve - IT Governance

CIOs today face extremely complex challenges. They have the mandate of improving the return on investment and service levels, as well as enhance security, while being given flat budgets and head counts to work with. There is only one way that CIOs can manage this set of extremely complicated issues, and that is by bringing about a fundamental change in how the IT department functions.

This calls for the implementation of IT Governance, which is a set of policies, processes, and procedures for the way information technology is being deployed and used. IT Governance encompasses change management as well as problem, release, availability and service-level management. This ensures that the IT Infrastructure works in a well-tuned, well optimized manner to ensure a fully productive setup.

Enterprises across the globe are waking up to the reality of deploying IT governance in their corporate setup. How can this be done with seamless ease? With experts from the i-Diagnosis team, you can implement processes and policies that will tweak your existing system and fine tune them to deliver at the optimal levels all the time. i-Diagnosis's approach of building a Concurrent Infrastructure also encompasses IT Governance policies.